04 July

2021/2022 FAM Magazine 3rd Annual Edition is out!!!

The 3rd annual FAM magazine is now available on our Downloads page! 

Follow this link: https://www.fertilizerassociationmw.com/assets/docs/Fertilizer_Association_Magazine_-_June_2022.pdf to read up on the 2022 AIP program, some of our members, an

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23 June

How do we make AIP smarter?

Many have expressed that the current subsidy program, AIP, does not efficiently meet farmers’ household needs or preferences and has increasingly become a financial burden on the Agriculture Budget.

In this paper, FAM looks at the concept of a ‘smart subsidy’ which is targeted b

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13 May


Every year FAM produces a report detailing our experience of the AIP program from the perspective of the fertilizer industry. Every year has been different presenting new challenges and last season was no different. 

This year we have produced 2 reports, a summary that quickly highlights the key points and a detailed report that expands on the summary. Each document ends with a list

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01 April

Tour exposes subsidy flaws (Nation Newspaper Article)

The State President, Dr. Lazarus M. Chakwera has begun inspection tours to see the results of the subsidy program. The Nation Newspaper reported some of the feedback from various people in the areas he was visiting. 

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14 March

Fertilizer Manufacturing in Malawi

In April 2021 it was reported that the Minister of Agriculture Lobin Lowe said the country will have a modern fertilizer manufacturing plant by December 2023.

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