16 November

FAM AIP 2022-2023 Report available for download

Every year FAM summarises the subsidy program from the point of view of the private sector. Aside from detailing the design and implementation of the program, we also go into detail about how the chronic lack of forex affects the flow of fertilizer, where the challenges were, and what can be done to ease those pressures in the next iteration of the program. 

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10 November

FAM 2023 Magazine is available online!

The 4th edition of the FAM magazine is out!

In this edition, we have 

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25 April

New FAM Profile!

FAM has updated its profile!

Get a quick brief intro to FAM, what it does, and how you can be a member.

Click here to see the brand-new FAM profile

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25 April

New FAM Climate Change Policy

Given that Malawi is predominantly agro-based and largely rain-dependent, it is very vulnerable to climate change. Since the 1970s, the agricultural sector in Malawi has increasingly experienced extreme weather conditions such as droughts, prolonged dry spells, intense rainfall and floods resulting in ac

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15 August

Fertilizer Market Watch

Keep up with the current status of the fertilizer market with the dashboard tool on the Africa Fertilizer Watch website. Click on Malawi to see how it ranks in various categories such as fertilizer market risk, affordability, and availability. This data is updated every month. 


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