New FAM Climate Change Policy

25 April

Given that Malawi is predominantly agro-based and largely rain-dependent, it is very vulnerable to climate change. Since the 1970s, the agricultural sector in Malawi has increasingly experienced extreme weather conditions such as droughts, prolonged dry spells, intense rainfall and floods resulting in acute crop failure, hunger, malnutrition, loss of human life and property. Undoubtedly, agriculture suffers the greatest losses and the ensuing food shortages leave many Malawians food insecureGiven that fertilizer forms a key component of the agricultural industry, The Fertilizer Association of Malawi (FAM) has recognized the need to have a Climate change policy that encourages fertilizer producers, suppliers and retailers under FAM to contribute to the mitigation of climate change. This is especially important in the context of limited land resources and a growing population which will have an increasing demand for food that cannot be satisfied without the efficient use of fertilizers.

Click here to read the FAM climate change policy.


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